Boutique Cycle Tours aims to give every cyclist the opportunity to see and ride the most famous and the most unknown rides in the world. We primarily target experienced cyclists but have no set criteria as to how fit or experienced you need to be to come along. That said, we do offer training advice and can forecast what to expect and this would allow a client enough time and opportunity to get in reasonable condition.

“One of the most asked questions is “what if I come last and can’t keep up with the group?” The usual answer is: “Someone has to be last. That is a fact of life.” However, we have many options. We can drive you ahead of the group so you are constantly ahead. You can take a break in the sag wagon. You can take all day to climb the Passo de Stelvio if you wish and we will support you and wait for you. We have one goal and that is to help you tick the box that you set out to complete.

Cycling in Besse Switzerland

“Generally speaking, everyone is so enthused with what they have achieved that a real bond develops between the riders and a union evolves that is rarely seen in other activities. It is common to see very strong and fit cyclists helping the weaker ones by way of verbal support.

“We stay at very comfortable hotels and B&Bs and have a great rapport with the owners. The food is always raved about, we sleep in and usually set off around 9.30am. We go out of the way and do a little sightseeing, or point out particular interests.

For example, on the last trip I took the group along Lake Geneva and showed them the Grand Hotel where ‘Smoke on the Water’ was written when the hotel was burned to the ground. We had a few music junkies on board and they loved this, as well as the Freddy Mercury statue and tribute.


“We offer support vehicles to transport the weary, carry spare wheels and bike parts, nutrition and your spare warm and wet clothing as required. We also have experienced photographers, massage therapists and bike mechanics on every tour for your total experience.”

You can browse the schedule of Boutique Cycle Tours and make your booking via the website. Special thanks to Paul Fuge for the words and images.

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John is obsessed with cycling and all about Italian bikes. John is fascinated by the prestige and tradition of Italian cycling and everything that it represents. His passion for vintage classic bikes is contagious and in particular his love for old school Pinarello. Having ridden some of Italy's monster climbs, including the famed 48 switch backs of Passo dello Stelvio, John likes to ride bikes that are showered in history and esteem, much like the famed climbs of the Giro D'Italia. John rides a Pinarello Quattro with full Campagnolo componentry.