For anyone keen to give themselves a serious flogging before they tuck into to much Christmas cheer, they should look at entering the 2013 Buderim 9 Challenge on Queenslands Sunshine Coast.

The Challenge is an exciting annual 75km community cycling event covering nine hills around Buderim. It lasts for three hours and is held on the last Sunday every year before Christmas.

This year it is taking place on Sunday 22nd December 2013.

Buderim9 Sunshine Coast Course

The challenge is to climb all nine hills in three hours. Riders must ride the hills according to the event map and all registered riders receive an event jersey and a certificate to indicate the number of hills accomplished.

The challenge will be a hard slog and not one to be entered into lightly. Be sure to have a plan of attack and be prepared for some serious climbing. If at all possible, try and ride some or all of the climbs before the day. This will help you prepare mentally and physically for the challenge ahead.

For those of you who are new to cycling, try and develop your climbing style before you sign up. Climbing hills is all about efficiency. Standing is definitely a more powerful way of charging up the mountain, but it’s also a faster way to reaching the red zone! Remaining seated and in a comfortable position and pace is definitely more efficient. Research suggests that standing uses 10-12% more energy than remaining in the saddle. Find a hill in your local area that takes between three to five minutes to climb. Climb the hill three to five times, with a four minute recovery between ascents. Try and add this into your program as much as possible before the day. This effort will definitely come in handy when you’re climbing up Jones Rd. at 5.30 am.

If you’re up for it go to for further information.

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