[quote_right]Essential and rational in its shape, emotional and always innovative in the search of new alloys the steel bicycle best represents the ever lasting passion for cycling[/quote_right]There is not a cyclist alive who would not like to have an original steel frame bike hanging up in their shed on display, something that is unique with a story that we can tell the boys about when we are sitting enjoying a coffee, after a Sunday cruise. I have been fortunate enough to travel through Italy and meet the guys that put their passion into making a piece of art.

There are many companies on the market building steel frame bikes, however there is a company that really impresses me, they are Chesini and their work is nothing short of amazing. The paint jobs on some of these bikes are carried out by Sak Art and you can see their incredible skill at www.sakartdesign.com this first class company works out of Tuscany and this is where you need to send your high end projects to get a truly amazing finish.

Chesini Florentia front

Chesini will celebrate the 2013 Road World Cycling Championship with a limited edition bike series, Florentia MMXIII. Each Florentia MMXIII is dedicated to the Italian cyclists who since 1927 have won the World Championship, a special series of only 15 numbered copies, individually built and tailored to the individual customer, unique pieces are airbrushed by hand and come in two colours black or white.

Chesini Florentia  MMXIIItube

Essential and rational in its shape, emotional and always innovative in the search of new alloys, the steel bicycle best represents the ever lasting passion for cycling. The artisan-ship of Chesini and the creativity of Sak Art Design, a known brand in industrial and lifestyle design, have come together and with a common passion created these unique bicycles.

Chesini Florentia MMXIII hub

This white version features a complex texture based on the world championship iris logo colours, repeated in the graphics and in the Chesini logo.

Chesini Florentia MMXIII steel

Every bicycle is numbered and features the name of the Italian cyclist it honors, together with the date and place of the world championship won.

Chesini Florentia signature

No Florentia MMXIII is then the same to one another but at the same time all fifteen bikes make their owners part of a fascinating and unique cultural and sport story.

Chesini Florentia seatpost

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John is obsessed with cycling and all about Italian bikes. John is fascinated by the prestige and tradition of Italian cycling and everything that it represents. His passion for vintage classic bikes is contagious and in particular his love for old school Pinarello. Having ridden some of Italy's monster climbs, including the famed 48 switch backs of Passo dello Stelvio, John likes to ride bikes that are showered in history and esteem, much like the famed climbs of the Giro D'Italia. John rides a Pinarello Quattro with full Campagnolo componentry.