I’ve found myself, often in the past, contemplating where cycling could take me.  There are many of the obvious options that come to mind; professional cycling, bicycle shop sales and mechanics, import and wholesale, etc.  All of these options have their merit and can be pursued with a career in mind.  One that many people don’t think about first is; custom cycling kits.  This is where my next chapter of life takes me.

I have, to date, worked at three different shops, still currently working for Le Cyclo Sportif at Noosa Junction.  The rewards are evident; customer service, mechanics, sales and stock management just to name a few.  I am in the very fortunate position to have completed my Business degree, majoring in Management and Marketing with a couple of electives in Finance.  When posed with the question “Terry, are you interested to put your degree to use and begin a career in the custom clothing arena?” my obvious reaction was extremely positive as the potential for this expanding industry is seemingly endless.

Again, it’s not the first career people associate with the cycling industry, however for me, it’s a no brainer.  With the Tineli fundamentals down pat; quality kit production, strong established backing, track record of being a market leader in New Zealand (the list goes on and on), it’s only a matter of time before more and more companies see it as a viable, tax deductible, marketing expense.   If any company, be it large corporate, small start-up, bicycle shop or cycling team, custom kit is a marketing imperative.

One of the major benefits of a custom kit is that it is a moving billboard, without a Development Application (DA) needed.  It keeps people accountable to someone or a company they are representing.

One of the brilliant facets of cycling is that it is incredibly social.  Coffee shop stops are ‘par for the course’ and this is where more and more business is currently being conducted, in lycra and in full view of the public!  Custom cycling kits are becoming the norm, whereas generic, boring, standardised kits are being taken over by high quality, colourfully vibrant Tineli custom clothing.

For more info on this product and the options available contact me at aus@tineli.com.au.

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Terry has been cycling for 6 years. While studying at university he took up cycling and instantly became addicted. Terry then decided to become more involved in the sport and chose to persue a career in the cycling industry. A Sunshine Coast local, Terry now works for Tineli, a performance and custom bike ware company as well as Le Cyclo Sportif bike shop in Noosa. Terry rides a Bianchi Sempre and really loves the prestige and simplicity of the frame.