With The Tour de France less than a week away, the city of Leeds is gearing up for the Grand Départ on July 5. The race is a small city on wheels, complete with everything from doctors to police officers. Here are a few notable numbers provided by the Amaury Sport Organisation in advance of the Tour.

The race

198 riders
22 teams
300 support staff

The route

21 stages
4 countries visited (the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Spain)
662 municipalities visited (611 in France, 39 in the United Kingdom, 9 in Belgium, 3 in Spain)


100 permanent ASO staff
280 temporary staff
1,450 beds reserved every day for the organizers and teams

Medical service

10 emergency doctors, 1 anaesthetist nurse
6 ambulances, 2 medical emergency cars, 1 bike, 1 X-ray truck

Publicity caravan

170 vehicles
600 people

Spectators on the roadside (in 2013)

12 million spectators
38 different nationalities identified
Six and a half hours of presence on average on the roadside


47 republican guard motorcycle police officers
13 police officers in the permanent police commission on the Tour
14,000 gendarmes and 9,000 police officers and CRS riot police mobilized

TV broadcasting

Broadcast in 190 countries
90 hours of live programs
3.5 billion viewers worldwide (in 2013)

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