Truing wheels is one of those maintenance jobs that is far easier than it sounds. Anyone can have a go at it with a couple of simple tools.

To true a bicycle wheel you will need:

  • Patience
  • A stand. This can be home-made, high-end, cheap, or even an upturned bike.
  • Spoke key. Make sure you get the correct size for your spokes and nipples. (hehe…)
  • More advanced wheel-truers (or builders) may want to use a dishing tool or spoke tensionmeter.

In this example Daniel used a high-end wheel truing stand. However, you don’t need one of these; if your wheel is slightly buckled, you may be able to true it to acceptable level by using your brake pads as a gauge. Obviously this will not be as accurate as the stand that Daniel is using but it will get you home or tide you over between trips to the bike shop.

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  • John Hedgman

    Good demonstration on how to true my Mavic’s