Logo James Ray PhotographyBorn and raised at the gateway to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, I was inspired by a youth filled with outdoor adventures, wilderness & action sports. My keen interest in photography grew throughout secondary college, capturing people and places along the way. By the age of 18, a passion for snowboarding and mountain biking had developed resulting in a move to the Victorian Alps where I was able to combine my love for the outdoors and photography at Mt. Buller. It was here that I started my photographic career, shooting action and portraits for Fun Photo’s – the official photographers of the mountain.

In search of bigger mountains and adventure, I packed my bags, and relocated to Whistler, Canada where inspiration from the landscape, people, and events was at my doorstep – I was completely in my element. It was here that I took my photography to the next level. Working for Coast Mountain Photography, photographing the World Ski & Snowboard Festival and freelancing for Shambhala Music Festival, The Bass Coast Project, Tommy Africa’s Nightclub and Powder Mountain Catskiing, where I was contracted to photograph high profile artists, action sports, events, and festivals.

In the Summer of 2010 I was given the opportunity to shoot chartered fishing trips in the remote islands of British Columbia, where I gained experience shooting from helicopters & boats – broadening my skill set and expanding on my sports photography. Over the years, my interest in time?lapse photography and developments with technology has led me to also start shooting video – producing digital media edits for media & marketing purposes.

After four years in Canada, it was finally time to make my way back to Australia where I am now lucky enough to call the beautiful Sunshine Coast home. I have secured freelance work with local businesses USM EVENTS and Kings Beach Tavern, also shooting commercially and for weddings. My passion to capture life through the lens being stronger than ever, when I am not taking photos I spend my time surfing, mountain biking, and enjoying the outdoors however I can.


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John is obsessed with cycling and all about Italian bikes. John is fascinated by the prestige and tradition of Italian cycling and everything that it represents. His passion for vintage classic bikes is contagious and in particular his love for old school Pinarello. Having ridden some of Italy's monster climbs, including the famed 48 switch backs of Passo dello Stelvio, John likes to ride bikes that are showered in history and esteem, much like the famed climbs of the Giro D'Italia. John rides a Pinarello Quattro with full Campagnolo componentry.