In celebration of Pedaltorque’s 200th article and the start of the Belgian Spring Classic season, Pedaltorque are giving five lucky readers the chance to win a super funky and highly desirable Pedaltorque t-shirt.  Available in black or white and proudly displaying a very cool, classic road bike in red and white decals, these shirts will be the envy of millions!


Sounds interesting I hear you say…  So how do you do it?  Well it’s easy.

1. At the bottom of each article is a comments and discussions page.  The first reader to post a comment on this page, will be the recipient of one of the shirts of the century!

2. Pedaltorque is super keen to start a new page called ‘Pimp My Ride’.  We want readers to show off their impressive steeds and send through photos and a story about their pride and joy.  Got a wicked ride?  Want to put it on the net and show it off?  Then do it on pedaltorque.  The first reader to send us an article about their bike and associated photos, wins a shirt.

3.  We love our website and hope you do to.  We are all about innovation and staying ahead of the pack.  We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas.  So the call has gone out to the peloton to come up with a ground breaking marketing idea.  The best marketing idea will be rewarded with one of the coolest cycling shirts of the century!

4. We need you!  We are all about spreading the gospel of cycling and need your help to do so.  All fellow cycling freaks who read this page and like it on Facebook will go into the draw and one lucky reader will randomly be selected to win an original Pedaltorque shirt.

5. Got a suggestion on how we could improve the site?  Is something missing?  We’re always on the lookout for new contributors and someone who can bring something to the table.  If you want to contribute to our site and have your say to the greater cycling community, then send us a message.  The would be contributor who has the best ideas and direction for articles will not only win a filth cycling shirt, but have their articles written on the most passionate cycling website on the planet!

All articles, ideas or correspondence should be directed to

So get cracking.  Send us your ride, send us an idea and send us a message to help spread the word.  But above all else, remember to pedal hard and get motivated to ride!

Happy pedaling

The Pedaltorque Team.


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Haydn has been bitten by the cycling bug and bitten hard. Like most Aussie kids, he grew up riding his beloved chrome BMX before moving onto a Mountain Bike. Haydn describes his transition onto a road bike as a Renaissance and since that time has never looked back. If not riding the awesome roads of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Haydn can often be found photographing local cycling events. As Pedaltorque co-founder, Haydn is responsible for editing and photography. He rides a Specialized Tarmac.
  • Dillon P

    hmm in celebration of the great race above and a t-shirt I have been admiring, do I win one ? :)