From 80’s haircuts persisting well into the noughties, to frankly awful lycra and questionable facial hair, cycling has had several notable fashion disasters. Narrowing it down to a ‘top’ ten was tough, but we’ve picked ten who really stand-out.

What about haircuts? There are some that we’d rather forget, like Vladimir Karpet’s flowing locks.

We’re sure that we’ve missed a few, in fact, you may think that some of our suggestions are not in fact fashion disasters, but rather fashion success… So check out this video to see what is the top 10 cycling fashion disasters.

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John is obsessed with cycling and all about Italian bikes. John is fascinated by the prestige and tradition of Italian cycling and everything that it represents. His passion for vintage classic bikes is contagious and in particular his love for old school Pinarello. Having ridden some of Italy's monster climbs, including the famed 48 switch backs of Passo dello Stelvio, John likes to ride bikes that are showered in history and esteem, much like the famed climbs of the Giro D'Italia. John rides a Pinarello Quattro with full Campagnolo componentry.